Most of the old POS “Poitn of Sale” system are offline based and managed only from one place, which make it an old fashion and very unprofessional to manage the store, also data loss due to hard disk fails and other reasons might be a big pain for the store, sure we can solve that my taking a daily backups, but it is a act that people by time will forget to take daily backup and starts to do that on weekly basis until you had to face the fact that the HDD is down and your last backup was 5 days ago, here you will be in a deep trouble, so in order to over come these things, we now need to think and consider the online POS system, which allow me to manage the store from far distance, have more than one store connected to one place, forget about backups as the provider will take care of that.

A friendly user interface would be our choice with simple functionality, we bring that into your hands, one try and you will give it a go.